The first of the Muse category which will not only highlight bloggers and social media accounts to follow but artists and photographers and basically anyone that inspires me and I think might do the same to you. Encouraging you to like and follow and if you come across people that are nailing what they are putting out there show them so appreciation. If they make you have a better desk or you got the confidence to rock some black wide leg pants when you are always wearing jeans give them a bit of love. I am the queen of being an anti fan girl so hard that we once got tickets to watch football in Jersey and ended up in the ‘Tiffany suite’ in which we were the only not famous people in there I was sure of it. Tyson Beckford, Jordan Sparks, Chris Rock. We were having a wine and Pepper as in Salt n Pepper came with her pose and sat with us to hang out. Totally played it cool like she was my mate (which she would be if we hung out especially when she heard my word for word ‘Shoop’ rendition,Im good) Was loving her but quietly fan girling on the inside. When we met Harvey Spector it was a different story I was all over him – ha ha. Im kidding, I was cool.

Point to the story you don’t have to gush over people or go over the top saying they are your fashion hero’s or anything like that but just as we are doing here give a shout out, like and comment instead of screen shot and save and using it later. You may think everyone knows certain accounts because they have a lot of followers but they might not be on everyones radar in the sea of Instagram.

My first Muses are The Minimalists. Scandinavian Interior love coming at you.

Elisabeth Heier , Katrina Dima (Only Deco Love), Lotta Agaton


Elisabeth Heier.  – Stylist, Interior Decorator and Blogger

Only Deco LoveKaterina Dima. Modern Scandinavian/Nordic style


Lotta AgatonInterior Stylist







Instagram @ejmaxwell