I am a self proclaimed Hotel Diva and place high importance on your booking even if just for a night. Even pre blog/Insta/sharing life it has been the same so it’s not a thing about the tag in or how I could share these amazingly fab situations. I like to feel like you are living it up at your home away from home.

I have had this hotel on my hit list, it didn’t disappoint.¬†Fabulous rooms of which ours was one of the last as I also have thing thing sometimes for last minute but the hotel is known for marble bathrooms and much like this loft style rooms. Being in a city other than my own I do like to get out and explore the streets and wine and dine in the best places the city has to offer but it is always a win, especially when the stay is short to have everything on your doorstep. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all served up in the aesthetically¬†pleasing Establishment Garden or alongside the stunning marble bar in the Establishment Bar. A must and one that we will visit next time is Mr Wong.


The Establishment Hotel Sydney



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