Lets reintroduce.

I am Erin Jane Maxwell (hence the use of EJ). I am a mum of three and a wife to one. My content is my own and creating and snapping pics makes me complete.

I love to capture and create beautiful images and I am always doing so whether it is shared or not. I capture our life and posting on social media is just a snippet to the story and images we have but sometimes that’s just how I like it. The best bits and a bit of wonder about someone not knowing every inch of the daily. But that’s just me. This is our life, the brands I love to shop, the way I like to style my home and places we like to visit. My edit of our life.

After floating a bit the past few months figuring out what I am bringing to the game and what it is I do I have refined and we know where we are at.

What do I do?

I create content which for me is styling, product selection, shooting and creating the story, whether it be for a brands story, a collaboration together or sharing my take on a product when it’s in my life.  I like to think of it as ‘A Styled Life’ where you own your space and have your unique style and take on the things. I love fashion and believe style is a life thing and extends into all parts of your world not just how you wear clothes and how skinny or pretty you are in them. Fashion is a big part of my interior style referencing it with books and magazines, swing tags and accountrement from investments made into the wardrobe. All about personality and making something your own.

For almost 8 years I have been creating images to share parts of life and the things in it. The reason I started was to have a platform to share things that I was loving while shopping and as an outlet to publish pictures I was creating to talk to you. Never could I have imagined the network of people I have been able to connect to and the brands I have been able to work with without having started this site and I am so grateful.

A picture is worth a thousand words right?



STUDIO – I have collated my work and have started my own creative studio where you can see my work, understand what it is I can do and if you love it you can have me create something for you. We create brand assests in the Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle space from product imagery to editorial stories.  Erin Maxwell Creative EMC 

MUSE – I feel like we have all lost sight about what we are doing. Everyone wants to have success and the influence and inspiration is at an amazing level so with features such as saved images on Instagram and the good old screen shot people are saving to copy later and potentially not giving props and credit to whom they were inspired by in the first place. We see all the accounts looking exactly the same and its not a coincidence that they have adapted this look in their feed and we also all get inspiration from others that’s what it’s about but let’s give props.  SO I am going to share ace people whether they be social media accounts, photographers, interior stylists, artists or pages and media that I love and want to share with you.

Give some love to creatives.

CONVERSATION- Like this piece I want to get the characters up on the writing front and have a bit more depth than a short caption on a Instagram picture. Let’s talk/write again and not about how badly behaved your kids are or cellulite on a bikini clad ‘Insta celebrity’ which I am not judging if it’s your thing by the way. We are talking lifestyle. About how to style a coffee table or the tried and loved beauty products in the cabinet and even how algorythymns on social media are killing your mood.

Send me a line. Anything you think I might know and be able to help with or tag me in on amazing accounts you love or books I need on my coffee table.  Let’s try and get some genuine conversation going again with like minded people.

BEAUTY – I have always had this category but I have decided to bring the focus in on my beauty cabinet and the brands and products that I continually use and talk about the daily situation.

My treatments and skin care with Clinica-Lase who I have been seeing for years and they are the professionals so advice from those who know best. My MECCA loves as I am a massive fan girl of the brands and company and 90% of my beauty comes from their stores.

I take recs from people that are just sharing what they used and loved not when they are in magazines and promoted on social media. When my favourite stylists, lifestyle bloggers, friends show us what they have in the bathroom. The File and Beauticate do this to perfection.

I also really love product photography and shooting beauty allows for such great images.

FAMILY STORIES – The recent introduction of sharing the images I take of my kids has been a big struggle for me. I have three under six and they are the biggest part of my life but I never wanted them to be my brand or the way I had success as a business. There is too much pressure on them and me to keep that up and I need to be solely in charge of my content.  I also started this site and my social media for me. My zone which has nothing to do with being a Mum as we too are people with interests and talents away from the amazing job of being a Mum so to be able to seperate our many hats feels good to me and thats important.

I have to add that I love so many beautiful style led kid’s sites and Instagram accounts and not making judgment on the way others share I have just decided to go in this direction.

I love to see beautifully captured stories of families and kids where for me its about the images and art of photography and not just about how cute the kids are but it’s style led or photographic led where you appreciate the art behind it. I’m working with selected brands that are a part of our lifestyle and creating edits with them for you to take style notes or just appreciate the brand.

My ABOUT section has been updated so feel free to check out more there. Let’s do this!






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