As I long for the streets of Europe and days spent wondering, exploring and shopping boutiques and brands that capture the essence of the places you are in. Uniqueness, quality and refined luxury. St. Collins Lane, Melbourne – The answer.

Maje, Sandro, Coach, The Kooples and Zadig & Voltaire to name a few. European and New York alongside Australian family owned Cerrone Jewellers.

As Mother’s Day approaches and even though hand made love notes, loom bracelets and ‘special’ footy cards are forever enough, a day exploring and experiencing boutiques and labels was a treat. I selected my favourites to capture and show how they would live with me and my denim, blazers and staples. Who knew a red and white stripe shirt would tick my boxes? The fabric, the cut, the pleating and the Sandro experience sold me in a second.

I am the first to admit online shopping keeps me happy, however, in the same sentiment that magazines and books bring to our digital life, immersing yourself in the product is good for your soul. I also like to test my ability to stick to my “rules” of buying well and investing in quality pieces, and also that I know where my style is at. Which brands made me excited, which pieces got lifted from the rack, and of the lot what made the wish list?

As we walked around the stores we gravitated towards certain areas best suited to our styles (whilst all dressed in black and denim) you couldn’t help but be swayed by a black leather aviator jacket with red shearling lining or the blush suede boots at Sandro or the delicate silk blouse with hearts at The Kooples. Victoria blouses and those coveted initial necklaces at Maje. The list goes on.

Leaving Europe for NYC and stepping into the Coach experience. Customised bag tags, leather treatment and cleaning service on your bag every few months and walls of leather goodness. A saffron suede lined overnighter with navy leather detailing and exposed stitching called my name.

Treat yourself with the ultimate wish list from St. Collins Lane.

Having my amazing Mum in my life to learn from (and she set the bar so high) I now as a Mum understand that the simple and seemingly smaller things like a hug and just spending time together are the big things and make the biggest impact. 

All items from St. Collins Lane. Explore the brands on the St. Collins Lane Journal



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